Senior Project Process Blog— "Dogue


6 March, 2018


Fur scarf shot in process

In order to build an elegant and stylish image to the dog, I added a faux fur scarf to it. The fur is composed by two layer: a longer and sparse layer on top of a thick and dense layer. I am planning to simulate the fur in the next step.


20 February, 2018

The first shot of dynamic hair is done! The dog is set as a collider to the fur. In hair system, Stretch Resistance, Compression Resistance and Bend Resistance have to set high to avoid the hair from collapsing and at the same time maintaining the shape. 


14 February, 2018

This is a test on making dynamic hair in xGen with an animated sphere : 



I tried to do some test renders and Playblasts for the Previz. The initial grooming is done, but still need to work on the second stage and more for fine adjustment.

My Pipeline of working on hair sim:

1. Have the character groomed in T-pose

2. Cache out the animation to alembic file

3. Wrap the non-moving groom to the alembic animation.

4. Make the guides dynamic on the groom

4 February, 2018

Texturing and shading Process:

30 January, 2018


Grooming Process:

Giant Schnauzer's hair is a combination of short and long, clumpy and curly. To achieve the realistic looking of him, the density of hair is cranked up. There is a challenge on the look development of fur in giving the dog a right scale. Hair grooming affects the scale and the breed a lot. This character is a Giant Schnauzer but not a mini one, so I have to pay more effort in getting the fur an accurate proportion.



Environment Set-up :

12 January, 2018

In my Studio I , I'm doing an individual project focusing on photorealistic texturing and grooming. My idea is inspired by the high-end fashion campaign behind the scene videos. My character is a dog as a fashion icon but not a human being. The environment is a photography studio packed with lighting kits and  props. 


Dog model : 

(ZBrush Dog rigged by Truong CG Artist) 

This dog was originally a German Pinscher. I'm turning it to a Giant Schnauzer.