Senior Project #2 Process Blog— Maison De Curiosités


15 May 2018

These are my lighting reference :

The mood and feel reference from La Cour - ESMA 2016


30 April 2018

Texturing garment is much harder than I expected. But... here's some WIP of the dress's texture.

22 April 2018

Maison De Curiosités  is an episode of an alive mannequin. This short animation integrated Motion Capture and Cloth Simulation. 

The dress design is inspired the Victorian style dress. Material of the top is a light weight single Jersey fabric. A Victorian corset is worn to hold the torso into a desired shape.

Modeled and simulated in Marvelous Designer.


(Left) Patterns of the garment 

(Up) Close up of the details


Victorian Dresses Reference :


The environment :

Motion Capture Breakdown :

Mo-cap data is captured in Vicon Blade, and at the same time live streaming in Motion Builder.